Service, Repair & Calibration Certificate

Every item sold by the TS GEOSYSTEMS BANGLADESH has gone through a standard calibration process to be ready to be used by customers attached with a calibration certificate. We understand that even the most reliable instruments need periodic maintenance to ensure factory specifications are met to provide optimal accuracy and reliability in the workplace. We are also committed to providing prompt and reliable service to our customers because we understand the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum.

Our service engineer are trained by the product manufacturer to provide comprehensive product service, repairs, and service certificates. TS GEOSYSTEMS BANGLADESH ensuring fast repair turn-around times and a fully maintained service loaner equipment fleet to minimize downtime while your equipment is being serviced.

• Repair all major brands and models of surveying equipment and construction lasers
• Factory trained & certified technicians
• Fast turn-around time

All service related work have been done by Our factory trained technicians.

Concern Company or Peoople can track and verify the CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE online anytime.

In addition, we gladly provide phone support to assist in solving simple problems encountered in the field, saving time and money.

Instrument Calibration Type

Total Station Calibration

Automatic Level Calibration

Theodolite Calibration

Reflectorless T Station Calibration

Digital Level Calibration

Prism Station Calibration

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