Kolida KTS442 6L 

  • Reflector-less, Measures 5 km single prism No Prism 300Mts
  • Micro-SD, Micro-USB, Laser Plummet
  • Large Memery
  • Convenient data management
  • Long distance measurement
  • Abundant surveying programs
  • Long time operation


Internal memory : 2M storage .able to store 24000 point. External :2G SD card . (for the model with SD card function)No worry for short of memory space

Easily operation on data adding, deleting, modifying, transferring.Total station can be recognized as a flash memory disk by computer

With prism 5Km~10Km.Without prism 600m (optimal).Is there any target that you can not put prism on? Now use refletorless laser!

Various of surveying programs onboard:angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, 3-D coordinate measurement, remote Elevation, Missing line, staking-out, road design, area calculation, volume calculation and reference line.

Never to manually rotate EDM to do angle initialization.Don’t fear about suddenly power-off. Absolute encoding, absolute accurate.

Two pcs of rechargeable batteries. Battery life can support 8 hours distance measurement or 24 hours continuously angle measurement.